Main errors when filling out the SAR 557 (DJPT)

Tegucigalpa, March 14, 2023
  1. Omission of Information: Form SAR 557 requires detailed information about the relevant transaction, so it is important to provide all the necessary information. The omission of information can lead to sanctions and fines.
  2. Inaccurate Information: The information provided on the SAR 557 must be accurate and complete. Errors or incorrect information may result in further investigation or denial of the report.
  3. Lack of documentation: It is important to provide the necessary documentation to support the relevant operation reported. Lack of documentation may be grounds for sanctions and fines.
  4. Not reporting relevant operations: People or companies that do not report the relevant operations they have carried out can be penalized and fined by the tax authorities.
  5. Delay in filing: The SAR 557 must be filed within the deadlines established by the tax authorities. If you file late, penalties and fines may apply.

In general, it is important to carefully read the SAR 557 instructions and ensure that you provide all necessary information in an accurate and timely manner.

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