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Raúl Hurtado

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Raúl Hurtado

More than 19 years of experience in the area of accounting, financial audits, forensic audits, taxes, international taxation and Transfer Pricing consultancy carried out to Panamanian and foreign companies, as well as valuation studies of companies and intangibles. Expert of the Administrative Tax Court (TAT) before the ruling issued by the pharmaceutical company PFZ to reconsider Resolution No. TAT-PR-091 of 08/26/19, where it was requested to reconsider Resolution No. 201-5891 issued by the Panamanian Tax Authority.

The work carried out consisted of specifying the inconsistencies between the amounts reported in the income statement, the transfer pricing form statement and the Transfer Pricing study for the 2014 and 2015 fiscal years, carrying out the pertinent analyzes to assert the correct Operating Margins. and the calculations of contingencies and tax adjustments, review and assertion of the existence of expenses declared as intercompany services in order to determine whether they are deductible for income tax purposes and subsequent taxes, in order to comply with the principle of full competition. This expertise represented a great achievement for the firm.

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